& ice cream proof

9 months to 6 years | Max. 22 kilos

A brief presentation...

The transition model for the toddler who is slowly outgrowing the Yepp Mini. Naturally with maximum comfort and optimal safety. It's no coincidence that the Dutch consumer watchdog rated it as the 'Best in the test' and as 'Best buy'. Once again you can choose from lots of contemporary colours.

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Safe design

The innovative design makes the Yepp Maxi optimally safe with maximum comfort.

  1. 5-point harness with childproof locking mechanism

  2. Soft shoulder straps

  3. The sturdy footrests can be easily adjusted to the right height without the need for any tools

  4. Integrated anti-theft lock

  5. Can be installed on the rear rack or seatpost

  6. Choice of fitting position

Choice of fitting position

With the Yepp Maxi you can choose between two types of fittings.

Can your rear rack support at least 25 kilos?
If so, choose the Yepp Maxi Easyfit

If your bike does not have a suitable rear rack.
Then choose the Yepp Maxi seatpost.    

Can't choose? View the short film.

Yepp Maxi Easyfit

You can install the Yepp Maxi Easyfit directly on all rear racks with an Easyfit window. It couldn't be simpler or faster! For a current list of all bicycle models with rear racks equipped with an Easyfit window, click here.

If your rear rack can support 25 kilos but is not fitted with an Easyfit window, no problem. First install the Yepp Easyfit carrier on the rack. It’s even possible with en e-bike! We also have an XL Easyfit carrier, specially designed for bike bags. You can easily install the Easyfit carriers on rear racks with a width of 11 -17 cm.

View the instruction videos.

Yepp Maxi Seatpost

You can easily install the Yepp Maxi Seatpost on a seatpost with a diameter of 28-40 mm. When you buy the Yepp Maxi Seatpost, it always comes complete with the seatpost adapter. Its clever design allows you to quickly install the adapter in the right position. View the instruction videos.

Do you also want to use the Seatpost on your 2nd bike? Simply buy an extra adapter.